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In addition to coaching services, Strictly People's People Develoment service includes the provision of useful guides and information for download. Please register in order to gain access to these.

Useful Information

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What's Your Story?

Planning to Recruit

FitPro Article (written by Strictly People): Managing Performance

FitPro Article (written by Strictly People): Leaders In Leisure

FitPro Article (written by Strictly People): Influence

NEWSLETTER - Transformational Leadership

NEWSLETTER - Interview Tips

NEWSLETTER - Writing Your C.V.

Example Programme: Raising Your Bar

Example Programme: Galvanising Leadership & Strategy

Example Progamme - Coaching For Commercial Gains

Personal Development: Managing Performance

Personal Development: Management Skills Assessment

Personal Development: Competency Matrix

Personal Development: Capturing Your Achievements

Personal Development: Influencing Others

Personal Development: Remaining In The Zone

Personal Development: Interview Techniques

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