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Introducing Strictly People

We deliver bespoke management, leadership and front line service delivery training for public & private sectors. We support clients with targeted recruitment enabling them to find great talent. This winning combination contributes to maximising business performance through their people.

During this current pandemic all training and recruitment can be delivered virtually or face to face following the government’s Covid-19 secure guidelines.




As your team start to return to work, there may well be many different mixed emotions and concerns amongst them. Some of them may be feeling anxious particularly if they have been furloughed and away from work for some time, they may not be looking forward to returning. Others on the other hand will need holding back because they can't wait to get started again. This short 3 hour workshop will help you to plan their return in advance to ensure that you have the best chance of making a full business recovery. It will encourage you to do some pre thinking with tips on HOW to engage the team throughout the next couple of months with tips on how two achieve this along the way.


Over the last 8 years, Bryony and Simon have supported me in continually reshaping the focus of our management team at Sportspark. We are now a much more outward looking and more reflective team and as such have been rewarded with improved throughput and some cracking NPS scores reaffirming some great levels of customer satisfaction.  

Sportspark, University of East Anglia

Strictly People were appointed by South Norfolk Council Leisure Services to assist the team on its transformation to a more customer and commercially focussed future. The culture has been extensively challenged and a new and highly successful way of working is now imbedded across the service. Strictly Peoples unique and engaging delivery maximises the valuable time and funds spent on training and I fully endorse their involvement and effectiveness to any organisation wanting and requiring cultural shift.  

South Norfolk Council

The time I spend with an executive coach is invaluable to both myself and my organisation. The approach adopted by the coach ensures that I am focusing on the right things for my own personal development, adopting an appropriate leadership style for the benefit of the organisation, positively challenging my thinking and bring clarity that aids key decision making. There is no doubt this has brought about real tangible commercial benefits for my organisation and the development of my career. I believe that coaching is an essential part of any senior leaders development.  

It’s great to be working with teams again face to face. For your and our safety it is imperative that we follow the guidelines as set out by the government. All Strictly People training is Covid secure and guidelines are available when booking.