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The Silent Talent That Lies Beneath…

When it comes to business growth, having the ability to fulfil future roles within the organisation is vital to its overall success. It can often be a tough choice deciding whether to bring in “fresh blood” or promote from within. High skilled, engaged and loyal team members may already exist BUT then what about the undiscovered talent that is also available on the market? We believe it comes down to transparency and a good blend of old and new.

Transparency is critical. In this context we are talking about whether an organisation actually knows who, what or where this talent lies. It never ceases to amaze us how much “silent talent” there actually is in businesses and those making hiring decisions are often blind to it.

Not surprisingly many businesses will have a Fixed Asset Register of equipment etc. that sits on their balance sheet for depreciation purposes but do they have such an inventory for fantastic talent?
Untapped potential and loyal talent will depreciate at a faster rate than a piece of equipment!

Talent management, or succession planning as it is often referred to, doesn’t need to be an onerous, process driven HR initiative. In fact talent management should be owned by all managers in the business, not least those closest to the potential or future leaders of the business. It’s about recognising, developing, coaching and promoting current employees so that they can increase productivity and growth for a business. In many cases, this method can be far more efficient than hiring new staff.


Not too long ago we developed 4 bespoke “Top Talent” development programmes for 4 very different businesses. All businesses saw noticeable increased levels of engagement, productivity and competence. The businesses saw significant savings on agency/hiring costs as individuals took on more senior roles. They recognised the value added to the business from what could be seen as a relatively low investment. This, sadly, is the exception to the norm though. How many great and talented future managers/leaders leave a business because they haven’t been recognised for their future potential?

Whilst there will always be a need to bring new people with fresh outlooks and different experiences in to the organisation don’t let those who already exist slip you by… Get in touch to discuss how Strictly People can help design and deliver a bespoke Talent Management Programme.

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