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Strictly People specialise in Leadership Development and Recruitment


In a world where everything is up in the air compared to what we knew previously, coaching may be the solution to supporting you establish a route map that addresses your current challenges.

As external business coaches we, at Strictly People, discuss what really matters.  We can help your business by saving you time and money, delivering results quickly and accelerating change. We provide coaching on a one-on-one basis, providing an invaluable source of support and development for you, your managers and business leaders.

Challenging not Judging

As executive coaches we act as a sounding board; challenging thinking; stimulating creativity; providing tools and techniques for dealing with situations; giving encouragement; and building confidence. We have an unconditional positive regard for our coachees, with no agenda! Together with good personal chemistry – which is essential – we build a working partnership based on trust.

Credibility Matters!

We are highly skilled at working with both the individual’s needs, the reality of the organisation and the current business environment.  We bring our clients a unique combination of business and behavioural knowledge and expertise.

Within, primarily, the Leisure & Hospitality sectors we are pleased to be coaching Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Heads of Functions, Operations Directors, Regional Directors and General Managers.  

The majority of our coaching is now online - increasing productivity and keeping our clients and ourselves safe during these abnormal times.

Appreciating the current financial climate for all businesses, whether it’s our normal package of 3 sessions or 1 session in isolation, we can work with you on an investment that meets your budget.

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