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Authenticity can make or break a meeting/event

Chairing the meeting and being an active participant can be a tricky and sometimes challenging role to fulfil. Furthermore the authenticity of the debate and discussion can be compromised if individuals do not feel it is genuine with everyone having an equal voice. There are also the complexities of internal politicking, engagement, energy and group dynamics to take in to account.


  • Do you need someone to look after the process of the meeting or workshop so you can contribute fully?
  • Does your meeting have a lot of participants or complex issues to address?
  • Do you want to bring people together to solve a problem quickly?
  • Is there a danger that conflict or avoidance might compromise the outcome of a critical meeting?

How can we, at Strictly People, help?

Having fully understood the aim and objectives of the meeting/event we see our role as:

  • Being a catalyst, challenger & questioner
  • Bringing about an environment that enables debate, discussion & openness
  • Encouraging alignment & cohesion
  • Co-ordinators
  • Ensuring the business goals/aims are achieved

We aim to abandon the mask of being the experts who can explain everything, and join people in exploring the unknown territory of new possibility.

We can help you design and run the event so that it delivers the outcomes you want in a way that is both engaging and effective. We have worked with multinationals, local government, not-for-profits and SMEs. We are experienced facilitators and are well versed in planning, designing and executing a variety of events from conferences for over 200 delegates, leadership away days, designing and executing a variety of events from conferences for over 200 delegates, leadership away days and strategic board meetings.

Facilitation - how it works

Very simply put, facilitation is helping a group to accomplish its goals. Like all Strictly People’s services our approach is tailored to meet your needs. It usually takes the form of an initial conversation with the parties involved to discover what is really needed.

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