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Customer Service Training

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The age old "customer is king" doesn't wash in today's world of inspiring team members in a business to deliver fantastic service to it's customers or members. In addition we are increasingly frustrated by the number of businesses that seem to employ the least friendly people in the most public facing areas of their business. Quite often what were once the basics now seem to exceed our expectations!

In recent years when working with businesses to improve their service culture Strictly People have found that exploring the emotional connection with customers seems to promote a far higher level of consciousness with team members when they consider how they might improve the service they provide.

Of course developing a great service culture is a lot more complex than encouraging a mindset in the team who deliver it - leaders of the business have a huge role play too. We have a strongly held belief that only those who feel valued can add value.

Strictly People can create a whole bespoke customer service development strategy from leadership to the critical frontline team delivering the service.

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