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Coaching For Improved Performance

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In today’s rapidly changing business climate, coaching is fast becoming one of the most effective and essential management skills. With the cost of Human Capital being of significant importance to the profitability of an organisation enabling and encouraging individuals to give their best is all the more critical. The temptation when coaching someone is to provide the solution to their problem or difficulty. This course helps you find ways to hand the issues back to the person and encourage them find the solutions for themselves – therefore optimising YOUR investment in YOUR Human Capital.

Course objectives:

  •  Appreciate the commercial benefits of adopting coaching as a way of improving individual’s competence
  •  Understand the role of the coach in improving individual team member’s performance
  •  Make use of the latest coaching models to structure and make coaching sessions more effective
  •  Recognise how your style impacts the success, or otherwise, of the coaching session
  •  Identify your effectiveness as a coach

Course Overview:

Working as a Coach

  •  What is the role of the coach?
  •  What are the benefits of coaching to the individual, the line manager and the business?
  •  Blending your style to be a more effective coach
  •  Identify the skills and qualities of a high performance coach

The Structure of an Effective Coaching Session

  •  How to structure you coaching sessions
  •  How to prepare for a coaching session
  •  Use the coaching model

Putting the theory in to reality

  •  Blending Coaching with your everyday role as a manager/leader
  •  Case study
  •  Practice sessions
  •  Preparation for a session back in the business

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