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Managing Conflict

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Conflict cannot survive when only one person participates. During our time to date of developing thousands of managers the single handed drawback of managing performance effectively is the lack of ability to have an honest and direct conversation with an underperforming team member without the fear of it “all kicking off”. All too often we hear about emotions running high and sometimes a lack of appreciation of the commercial business environment in which they are working.

Course objectives:

  •  Understand what causes conflict in the workplace and identify ways to mitigate it
  •  Have an appreciation of your own personal triggers when faced with a confrontational situation
  •  Recognise areas where you need heighten your personal emotional intelligence and how to do this
  •  Improve techniques on how to be more assertive

Course Overview:

  •  What causes conflict at work
  •  Increasing your emotional intelligence
  •  Understanding your own emotional triggers
  •  Improving assertiveness skills
  •  How to effectively manage conflict in the workplace

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