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Effective Delegation

Strictly People specialise in Leadership Development and Recruitment


One of the key skills of effective management is achieving success through others, enabling your team to develop their skills and achieve success. Delegation can also be used as a motivational tool.

Course objectives:

  •  Understand the benefits of delegation
  •  Review methods of delegating effectively
  •  Prioritise in preparation for delegation
  •  Practise coaching individuals
  •  Practise giving constructive feedback

Course Overview:

  •  Why delegate?
  •  The barriers to effective delegation
  •  How to delegate effectively
  •  Overcoming the pitfalls when delegating
  •  Planning to delegate – why, who, when, what, where, how
  •  Communicating delegated tasks effectively
  •  Improving listening and coaching skills
  •  How to give effective feedback

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