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Dispute Resolution (An Intro to Handling Disciplinary & Grievances)

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Successful businesses know that disciplinary procedures are an aid to effective management, enabling them to resolve issues quickly and cheaply rather than being used simply as a mechanism for imposing sanctions. Ensuring your people know what is expected of them and the rules within which they operate is key to getting the best results from your employees.

Course objectives:

  •  Know how to ensure both minor and gross misconduct are handled appropriately
  •  Understand how to conduct an appropriate investigation and disciplinary hearing
  •  Explore the different penalties that employees can be given
  •  Understand what happens when an employee appeals a decision

Course Overview:

  •  Pitfalls of Getting it Wrong
  •  When to take Disciplinary Action
  •  YOUR Business Processes
  •  How to conduct an Investigation Hearing
  •  How to conduct a Disciplinary Hearing
  •  Dealing with a Grievance

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