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Managing Performance

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Generally speaking, as a nation, we avoid offering direct and honest feedback in fear of conflict and/or retribution. Add to this current and future employment legislation and you quickly realise why managers shy away from the more difficult aspects of their role. Managing performance can appear daunting when it is actually more simple than we might at first anticipate. These one-day programmes focuses on our non-stop philosophy to managing performance providing delegates with the confidence and know how to go back to their business and manage performance more effectively.

Course objectives:

  •  Appreciate the commercial benefits of managing performance on a consistent basis
  •  Understand how to manage performance through a “non stop approach”
  •  Recognise how to have the “right” conversations in the right way
  •  Identify ways to enable a performance culture within the business

Course Overview:

Non-Stop Management of Performance

  •  What is performance?
  •  The non stop model
  •  Consequences
  •  How to measure and evaluate performance
  •  Barriers to managing performance
  •  What does good look like?
  •  Setting Goals & Objectives

YOU as the Manager of Performance

  •  Transactional Analysis
  •  Your style – how it helps and/or hinders
  •  Blending Managing Performance with your everyday role as a manager/leader
  •  Making it cultural

Having the RIGHT conversations

  •  Preparing to offer feedback
  •  Words, Music, Dance
  •  Defusing potentially volatile situations
  •  The value of evidence

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