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Planning & Prioritising

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Since time began theirs always been 7 days in a week and 24 hours in a day, yet still we want more!! Through our experience time is often quoted as the top “excuse” as to why “things” aren’t achieved in a business. Ironically, it would seem that Managers just don’t have time to manage. This practical one-day course focuses on the disciplines of individuals managing their time and how to prioritise more effectively.

Course objectives:

  •   Establish and overcome the causes of poor time management
  •  Identify ways to become more disciplined in managing personal time and that of the team
  •  Recognise ways to plan further ahead and minimise future pressures and risks
  •  Understand how to delegate effectively

Course Overview:

Managing Yourself

  •   Managing yourself and your resources
  •   What are you there to achieve?
  •   Linking key result areas and objectives
  •   Investing time to make more time available
  •   Identifying time robbers
  •   Staying focussed

Managing Yourself

  •   Using planning tools to optimum effect
  •   Technology
  •   Prioritisation blue print
  •   Action planning
  •   Reviewing & Evaluating

Managing Yourself

  •   Abdication V’s Delegation
  •   How to delegate
  •   “Leaving the poolside” – letting go

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