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Introduction to Powerful Presenting

Strictly People specialise in Leadership Development and Recruitment


Presentations play an important part of our life in almost every area of work. It's how other people often judge our effectiveness. The way we present ourselves matters in so many ways:

  •  Leading a team
  •  Problem solving
  •  Chairing a meeting
  •  Selling/being persuasive
  •  Making decisions ‑ Gain buy‑in
  •  Seek agreement

Course objectives:

  •  Understand what good preparation looks like
  •  Develop a deeper understanding of you and your audience
  •  Develop the skills of effective presentation
  •  Present with increased credibility, professionalism and impact
  •  Become personally confident in yourself and your capabilities as a presenter

Course Overview:

  •  The commercial and personal NEED to present well
  •  Barriers to presenting well
  •  Understanding your audience
  •  Building personal confidence
  •  Framework for designing a Powerful Presentation
  •  Preparing to present

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