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Recruiting Right

Strictly People specialise in Leadership Development and Recruitment


The importance of recruiting the RIGHT people in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time has never been so prevalent than in today’s competitive and challenging leisure environment. The cost of making the wrong decisions can be damaging and can be the make or break of achieving budgets and targets.

Recruitment is often seen as a necessary evil. We sometimes see it as a hassle and on a number of occasions will compromise our business and ourselves by recruiting the wrong team members in a desperate effort to “fill gaps”. Each of us would profess that “people” are our most valuable asset – yet sometimes when it comes to finding the most valuable asset we see it as a chore.

Course objectives:

  •  Develop job specifications and person specifications to fit current recruitment needs of the business
  •  Identify markets to recruit from and how to target searches effectively
  •  Examine selection methods and their effectiveness in helping identify the best interview candidates
  •  Develop communications and techniques in order to get the best out of recruitment interviews

Course Overview:

  •  Why bother? Why change?
  •  Planning to recruit
  •  Mapping it out
  •  How to avoid the 'quick fill' philosophy
  •  How to generate GREAT candidates
  •  Recruiting on attitude & competence
  •  Improving questioning techniques

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